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If raising a camera up into the air by 26 metres using our HiCam Elevated Photography service just doesn’t quite meet your needs and you wish to go EVEN HIGHER! Then your in luck, as our Aerial UAV Photography service can reach into the sky by an additional 96 metres, totalling approx. 122 metres (400 ft). You will be amazed by how much more you can see and the different perspective from 6 metres never mind 26m or 122m!

HiCam Photography and Filming holds CAA Permission to fly and are qualified experienced uav drone pilots which is a legal requirement to operate UAV’s in UK airspace. Plus ultimately ensuring that we operate legally, have the skills and safety is our priority. We take our safety to the highest standards and this is why we are ARPAS-UK members to ensure all our safety processes and procedures are correct with current regulations.

Aerial Photography has been around ever since planes and helicopters began to fly but the technology has grown and grown in recent years, allowing it to be more available and at a more competitive price.. UAVs are also referred to as drones, uas’s and rpa’s. UAV Aerial Photography enables us to achieve photographs from positions that would usually be impossible to achieve. Not even a helicopter can get into the positions that can be achieved with a UAV.

HiCam’s UAV’s are specially designed to photograph aerial stills and film HD video, 4K if needed also availble. HiCam’s UAV’s are maintained on a regular basis to ensure the upmost safety and reliability. We use DJI multi-rotor platforms with 3 axis gimbals below making them very stable, versatile and capable of flying in strong wind conditions.

Aerial UAV Photography is regularly referred to as RPA, UAS, Drone and others but they all mean near enough the something.

RPA – Remote Pilot Aircraft
UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAS – Unmanned Aerial System
RC – Remote Control

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