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Well….. We were fortunate enough to have a fantastic full page feature written on HiCam Photography inside The Worcester New “Business News” Section by Mike Pryce this week. We have been overwhelmed with the responce of people congratulating us on our achievements to date with elevated photography. Thank you all for the lovely comments.

If you missed The Worcester News on 22nd January 2014 then please take a look and read below:

High Level Elevated Aerial Photography in Worcester News Business News Jan 2014

High Level Elevated Aerial Photography in Worcester News Business News Jan 2014


Article Wording:
CRAIG Ross’s photography business is on the up – literally. Because the 25-year-old from Upton-upon-Severn specialises in taking picture from where only birds fly.

The technique is called high level elevated mast aerial photography and is achieved by using cameras on telescopic masts or extremely up-in-the-air locations.

A professional photographer since the age of 17, Mr Ross has worked for some of the biggest glossy magazines, national newspapers and news agencies – although his career began at a slightly lower level and while at Waseley Hills High School he gained work experience in the Worcester News photographic department.

Photography wasn’t just a hobby in his early years, it was a real passion.

“When I left school I had to decide whether to stay on at sixth form or attempt to get a job where I could turn my passion into a career,” he said.

“I was lucky enough to get a job for a celebrity news agency in London, so I packed my bags and jumped on the train down to London to begin a challenging experience for any 17-year-old boy; finding a new home, learning about a new city and meeting new friends.” After only two months I given

the chance to work in Los Angeles for six months, which was an extremely scary prospect, considering I had never been on a plane before in my life. But it was something I simply couldn’t turn down.”

He then left the sunshine of Los Angeles behind and moved back to London to continue working for national newspapers, magazines and agencies and travelling around the world to places such as Barbados, New York, Jamaica, Dubai and the Bahamas.

During this time he managed to get his pictures on the front cover of several newspapers and magazines.

Mr Ross has now returned to Worcestershire to continue his photographic career and set up HiCam Photography Services, specialising in high level elevated mast aerial photography, which achieves remarkable results from the ground, similar to the use of aircraft but at a fraction of the cost.

The resulting images are suitable for many applications, including residential and commercial property marketing, land and building surveys.

The company undertakes 360-degree site surveys, panoramas, corporate work, public relations, events, portraits, press, architecture and portfolio photography.

It even carries out aerial wedding photography for couples who want a new angle on their special day.

(Courtesy of The Worcester News)

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