FAA Launch Drone Register will it be coming to the CAA UK?

In America the FAA (“Federal Aviation Administration”) which is the equivalent of the CAA (“Civil Aviation Authority”) in the United Kingdom have opened a registration system for all drones owners in the country. Is this something that will come to the UK in due course? Were unsure… However it would assist and help with keeping track of all drone owners and purchases within the UK along with keeping owners up to date with the latest laws and rules that must be abided to for their and others safety.


The federal drone registration system officially opened this week, and the FAA says that over 45,000 owners have already registered their drones. At the same time, there have been reports of glitches that may have exposed customer information to strangers.

The FAA posted an announcement yesterday with news that tens of thousands of registrations were completed in just the first 24 hours.

However, the FAA also stated that the registration system would be taken offline for two nights for “site maintenance” in order to prepare for the “expected rush of customers on Christmas day.” The government is estimating that as many as 400,000 drones could be sold during this holiday season.

“While an overwhelming number of people have successfully registered, we have received reports from a small number of users of performance issues,” the FAA writes. “We have instructed our contractor, CSRA, to address these issues and to complete other maintenance in advance of the post-holiday demand.”


The announcement is silent about what these “performance issues” are, but other news reports seem to shed some light on the matter. Oklahoma’s KOTV6 reports that some people are receiving certificates with other people’s complete name and addresses on them.

There are even reports of people being shown someone else’s credit card number while using the registry, KOTV6 says.


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