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FAA Launch Drone Register will it be coming to the CAA UK?

FAA Launch Drone Register will it be coming to the CAA UK?

In America the FAA (“Federal Aviation Administration”) which is the equivalent of the CAA (“Civil Aviation Authority”) in the United Kingdom have opened a registration system for all drones owners in the country. Is this something that will come to the UK in due course? Were unsure… However it would assist and help with keeping track of all drone owners and purchases within the UK along with keeping owners up to date with the latest laws and rules that must be abided to for their and others safety.


The federal drone registration system officially opened this week, and the FAA says that over 45,000 owners have already registered their drones. At the same time, there have been reports of glitches that may have exposed customer information to strangers.

The FAA posted an announcement yesterday with news that tens of thousands of registrations were completed in just the first 24 hours.

However, the FAA also stated that the registration system would be taken offline for two nights for “site maintenance” in order to prepare for the “expected rush of customers on Christmas day.” The government is estimating that as many as 400,000 drones could be sold during this holiday season.

“While an overwhelming number of people have successfully registered, we have received reports from a small number of users of performance issues,” the FAA writes. “We have instructed our contractor, CSRA, to address these issues and to complete other maintenance in advance of the post-holiday demand.”


The announcement is silent about what these “performance issues” are, but other news reports seem to shed some light on the matter. Oklahoma’s KOTV6 reports that some people are receiving certificates with other people’s complete name and addresses on them.

There are even reports of people being shown someone else’s credit card number while using the registry, KOTV6 says.


Drone Flying Do’s and Don’ts

Drone Flying Do’s and Don’ts

Christmas is just around the corner now and many people including a drone on their lists. It is predicted over 100,000 drones in many shapes and sizes will be sold during the holiday period in the UK. Drones are also known as Quadcopters, RPAS, UAV, SUSA and the list goes on.


However its not just a case of opening the box and running outside to throw it up into the air, there are laws and regulations you must follow to ensure safety to yourself and others.

There is a list of rules issued by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) in which you have to follow.

Craig Ross from HiCam Photography based in Worcestershire is a Qualified Commercial UAV Pilot whom offers high level photography using UAVs to capture those unique views you wouldn’t normally achieve from the ground. However Craig is increasingly seeing more and more drones being used illegally and dangerously, which not only can damage property, they can cause serious injury to people and animals if used incorrectly.

We have written down the rules that you can and can’t do with and when your flying your new shiny drone under 7kg to give you a helping hand. The rules any hobbyist with a drone fitted with a camera must follow:


  1. Don’t fly within 50m of any person, animals, vehicle or building not under your control.
    Don’t fly close to people or property that have not given you permission or know what you are doing. This is all to do with safety, you don’t want to cause injury anyone and people can’t react in an emergency if they don’t realise your flying around if your drone suddenly fails and drops from the sky. This is reduced to 30m when taking off and landing your drone.
  2. Don’t fly over or within 150m of any crowd or gathering of 1000+ people.
    When there is over 1000+ people it is believed to be impossible to control that many people when your operating your drone. When there are more people there is a greater risk and you cannot get 1000 people to run or get out of the way in an emergency quickly.
  3. Don’t fly over or within 150m of any congested area.
    A “congested area” is any residential, commercial, recreational or industrial location. This means no flying in big cities, towns or your cul-de-sac at the end of your road. As the risk is increased and safety is power mount in all flying situations.
  4. Have landowners permission where you are flying and taking off from.
    It is against the law to take off your drone from someone else’s land without their permission, not only this you may be unaware of something going on nearby or on the land which only the land owner knows about.
  5. Don’t lose sight of the drone, or fly more than 500m laterally away from you.
    Just don’t keep flying to see how far you can go! It just isn’t safe and completely reckless. If a fault occurs on your drone during the flight and you can’t see it, how will you react in the emergency? Then it causes injury to someone’s property or even worse hurts somebody. 500m is not a target, if you can’t see your drone at 100m away from you do not keep going further away from you.
  6. Don’t fly higher than 400ft (122m).
    It is your responsibility to keep your drone before 400ft as this is where G class airspace begins and other aircraft are flying not much higher than this. You do not want to crash your drone into an oncoming aircraft, with this you also need to keep an eye out for any low-flying aircraft during your flight and you MUST take action to get out of the way as you can see them but they may struggle to see your small drone flying around.
  7. Don’t fly within 5 miles of an airport, without permission from the ATC tower.
    Flying within 5 miles of an airport is a big no no. This is extremely dangerous and you don’t want the police chasing you or knocking on your door for prosecution.
  8. Don’t be a nuisance.
    Don’t go chasing sheep around a field, not only does this scare the animal you don’t know how they will react! (you can’t control them!) Along with flying over your neighbours garden to see if they are sunbathing out on the lawn.
  9. Don’t get distracted.
    Keeping line of sight is no easy task with some smaller drones or even the bigger ones, it only take a momentary lapse in concentration and you will loose your drone in the sky. It can be difficult to relocate where it has got to. When flying with friends or family don’t be encouraged to fly outside of the law or comfort zone by going faster, higher or further away.
  10. Don’t fly for money or ‘valuable consideration’.
    You cannot accept any “work” with your drone without a Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This includes taking £20 off your mate to photograph his house for sale or accepting beer tokens. You or someone else cannot get a commercial gain from the usage of photos or video from your drone. This is because PFAW holders are qualified drone pilots and have had extensive training to ensure safety is always the priority and can react in an emergency situation.

We sound like the big baddies now don’t we, this is not the case the don’ts are law and must be followed. Drones can be fun, great hobbies and something to learn to fly at your own pace.


  1. Do have fun!
    Lets be honest drones look cool and great fun and in most cases are big boys toys!
  2. Do a flight plan.
    When you plan on flying
  3. Do check the weather and wind conditions.
    Ensure you know your drone’s limitations and check the weather before your flight, wind anemometer are a great tool for this and can be picked up for just a few pounds.
  4. Do check for NOTAMs where you are flying.
    Please ensure you check for any NOTAMs (Notice to airmen) where your planning to fly your drone to ensure you don’t interfere with someone else planning on doing something in the same airspace.
  5. Do get some training!
    Even if you think your the best drone pilot ever born! No-one knows everything in our opinion, everyone can learn something from training. Drop us an email and we might be able to help you with drone training.
  6. Do fly safe.
    Remember its not bouncy ball that won’t hurt you. Spinning propellers and weighing a kilogram or more can hurt if it hurts you or someone else. Just be sensible and use your common sense when flying.
  7. Do take some amazing pictures and video.
    You can now take amazing pictures and video with your drone from heights and angels can’t at your local camera club or Facebook friends. So enjoy and get snapping!!
  8. Do explore.
    There are many places others have not seen before including yourself, get out there find new locations and think about what it might look like from above! The world is your oyster, just ensure you follow the rules above and have landowners permission.

Take time to understand the rules – failure to comply could lead you to a criminal prosecution. You can read the CAP722 “Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in the UK” rules in more details on the CAA website. HiCam Photography and Filming pride themselves on operating safely and legally. If you are purchasing a drone for someone this christmas and will be looking for training to fly the drone safely HiCam will be offering training courses to improve your skills and how to go about it legally.

Enjoy and fly safe this Christmas.


Its Arrived: Canon 5DSR DSLR

Its Arrived: Canon 5DSR DSLR

We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new Canon DSLR camera to better the Canon 5D Mark III which we use everyday (might even have two because we are greedy). Finally the Canon 5DS and Canon 5DSR were announced and we were fighting our way to the front of the queue to get a glimpse of the features and to sign on the dotted line for the waiting list.

After months, weeks and days of waiting we have finally got our hands on a Canon 5DSR full frame DSLR body, thanks to Fixation UK.

The Canon 5DSR offers a massive 50.6MP which many of our clients are jumping up and down for and others falling off their chairs as they can see the possibilities going forward.


We can’t wait to start using the 5DSR at the top, at the top of our 26 metre elevated mast that is. Elevated mast photography offers views and aspects that you can see or achieve from the ground any other way. The 5DSR will not be used in every circumstance as our trusty 5D Mark iii’s offer fantastic results already however when we require or a client require just that little bit extra we know we have it secured away. We just can’t wait to use it!

We have listed a small amount of the Canon 5DSR’s features below:


Sensor Format
Full Frame

Sensor type

Sensor size
34 x 24mm

Max Resolution
8688 x 5792

Aspect ratio

Autofocus points

Autofocus system
TTL-CT-SIR with a dedicated CMOS sensor

Frames per second

ISO min

ISO max

File formats

Shutter speed fast
1/8000 seconds

Shutter speed slow
30 seconds

HD Movie mode
1920 x 1080 25p

Metering system
EOS iSA Systemw tih 252-zone metering

Exposure compensation
+/-5 EV in 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments

AEB (Bracketing)
2, 3, 5 or 7 Shots +/-3 EV 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments

Image processor
Dual DIGIC 6 Processors

Body materials

Operating environment
0 – 40 °C, 85% or less humidity

152 x 116.4 x 76.4mm

Weight (g)

for full details and specifications visit: Canon 5DSR

PICS: Chaddesley Corbett Point to Point April 2014

I covered Chaddesley Corbett Point to Point – Lady Dudley Cup Meeting on 19th April 2014, it was a fantastic event! Families rocked up, tucking into their picnic hampers of freshly homemade sandwiches and cakes along with a cheeky glass of champagne for some.

Some of the Horses that won or placed on the day:

1. Cold Knight            Tom Weston         5-4 fav
2.    Hall Kelly
3.    Calusa Caldera

1.    Iberico                C Dando        5-1
2.    Temple Grandin
3.    Unwanted Gift

Ladies Open
1.    Gwanako            Miss M Nicholls    1-3 fav
2.    Petit Lord

Mens Open (Lady Dudley Cup)
1.    Findlays Find            D Mansell        20-1
2    Silver Token
3.    Rumbavu

Open Maiden (3 miles 2 furlongs)
1.    Soutine            T Weston        4-7 fav
2.    Rainbow Trout

1.    Mor Brook            A Edwards        4-7 fav
2.    Tarby
3.    Neighbours Lady

Open Maiden
1.    Robbie Rabbit            S Drinkwater        7-4 fav
2.    Milly Malone
3.    Abbott Jonesy

Chaddesley Corbett Point to Point Website:

A selection of photographs taken from the event below:











PICS: Bromsgrove Sporting FC Vs Southam United

PICS: Bromsgrove Sporting FC Vs Southam United

I popped along and covered Bromsgrove Sporting FC Vs Southam United football game on 29th March 2014.

Bromsgrove Sporting FC Team:
Jake Bedford, Brett Mander, Craig Jones, Joe Cole, Sean Williams, Sam Wilkinson, Matt Poyner, Daniel Ludlow, Jack Wilson, Mark Bellingham, Billy Russell.

Southam United Team:
Michael Ojeil, Jake Marshall, Ben Tennant, Matt Wyatt, Joe Williams, Danny Wylde, Connor Wilson, Ryan Isherwood, Steve Thomas, Oliver Manoochehri, Nial Thoms

Few photographs from the match below. Full Match Report can be read here: MATCH REPORT





IN THE PRESS: Worcester News – Business Section

IN THE PRESS: Worcester News – Business Section

Well….. We were fortunate enough to have a fantastic full page feature written on HiCam Photography inside The Worcester New “Business News” Section by Mike Pryce this week. We have been overwhelmed with the responce of people congratulating us on our achievements to date with elevated photography. Thank you all for the lovely comments.

If you missed The Worcester News on 22nd January 2014 then please take a look and read below:

High Level Elevated Aerial Photography in Worcester News Business News Jan 2014

High Level Elevated Aerial Photography in Worcester News Business News Jan 2014


Article Wording:
CRAIG Ross’s photography business is on the up – literally. Because the 25-year-old from Upton-upon-Severn specialises in taking picture from where only birds fly.

The technique is called high level elevated mast aerial photography and is achieved by using cameras on telescopic masts or extremely up-in-the-air locations.

A professional photographer since the age of 17, Mr Ross has worked for some of the biggest glossy magazines, national newspapers and news agencies – although his career began at a slightly lower level and while at Waseley Hills High School he gained work experience in the Worcester News photographic department.

Photography wasn’t just a hobby in his early years, it was a real passion.

“When I left school I had to decide whether to stay on at sixth form or attempt to get a job where I could turn my passion into a career,” he said.

“I was lucky enough to get a job for a celebrity news agency in London, so I packed my bags and jumped on the train down to London to begin a challenging experience for any 17-year-old boy; finding a new home, learning about a new city and meeting new friends.” After only two months I given

the chance to work in Los Angeles for six months, which was an extremely scary prospect, considering I had never been on a plane before in my life. But it was something I simply couldn’t turn down.”

He then left the sunshine of Los Angeles behind and moved back to London to continue working for national newspapers, magazines and agencies and travelling around the world to places such as Barbados, New York, Jamaica, Dubai and the Bahamas.

During this time he managed to get his pictures on the front cover of several newspapers and magazines.

Mr Ross has now returned to Worcestershire to continue his photographic career and set up HiCam Photography Services, specialising in high level elevated mast aerial photography, which achieves remarkable results from the ground, similar to the use of aircraft but at a fraction of the cost.

The resulting images are suitable for many applications, including residential and commercial property marketing, land and building surveys.

The company undertakes 360-degree site surveys, panoramas, corporate work, public relations, events, portraits, press, architecture and portfolio photography.

It even carries out aerial wedding photography for couples who want a new angle on their special day.

(Courtesy of The Worcester News)

Brierley Hill RDF Waste Rubbish Pile

Brierley Hill RDF Waste Rubbish Pile

We visited the area of Brierley Hill this week to take a look at the Refuse Derived Fuel Ltd (RDF) waste site which has a rubbish pile that has reached a height of 42ft (13m). The Environment Agency has taken court action against the company.

You can follow the progress on their website:
Refuse Derived Fuel Ltd (RDF) – Environment Agency






The Big Feastival 2013

The Big Feastival 2013

Well we ventured along to The BIG Feastival at the weekend.  It was a fantastic festival (feastival) hosted by Jamie Oliver and Alex James from Blur.

It was ram packed with food, drink and music! What more could you ask for.



Lots of traders enticing you in to try their scrumy food goods.


Gizzi Erskine also showed many spectators how to rummage up some lovely food. Gizzi Erskine is really involved in the pop-up and underground food scenes. Best known for presenting Channel 4′s Cook Yourself Thin.


Then it was time to kick of the music! Throw some shapes and hands in the air.



Laurence Fox kicked things off with his guitar to get the festival goers going.


Next up was Mark Owen singing songs of his own and well known Take That tracks.




Mark Owen even managed to break his first ever guitar string on stage!!


Then it was the Cuban Brother. Now I have never seen these guys before but I stood there asking myself “WHY NOT!” They were superb! Great Comedy. It started with front man, Miguel Mantovani singing through the crowd. The crowd were all looking around trying to see/find him.









Then some surprise guests appeared on Stage, it was the Festival hosts; Alex James on bass guitar and Jamie Oliver on drums.




KT Tunstall showed her face as the last leg of her world tour.




The Feeling, I love this band. Festival goers started jumping awaiting them to arrive on the main stage.













Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

Hello! and welcome aboard.
We have pulled up the anchors and are getting ready for sail…. Well along those lines. We have been beavering away for the last few weeks trying to bring you a new updated website. Please feel free to take a look around and feel free to get in touch.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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