Elevated Photography for Residential Property & Land for Estate Agents

Stunning vistas surrounding the property are easily captured using elevated photography. Other complementary features of the property, such as landscaping, water features, entertaining areas, all take on a new dimension. Which just would not be possible without elevated photography.

Elevated estate agent photography gives property particulars, brochures, web sites and magazines the ‘Wow Factor’ for residential estate agents. Potential buyers’ attention will be grabbed by these amazing photographs, enabling you potentially to sell the property quickly and reducing the number of photographs required.

The unique perspective of our photographs give potential buyers of residential properties a completely different aspect. The internet is now a standard medium for selling properties. One or two skilfully- composed aerial shots taken using our elevated estate agent photography can replace a number of ground level photographs and enhance the premises and it’s selling features.

estate agent photography | HiCam Photography Services

Residential property with land and fantastic views taken with elevated photography by HiCam Photography

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