How does Elevated Photography Work?


We often get asked “What is Elevated Photography?”  Well…

It’s a camera on a mast – how technical can it be?

Well, quite actually. Not that you’d know when we turn up.

Elevated photography can be used for many applications examples of which are the Marketing of Domestic and Commercial Property, Roof and Chimney Inspections, Surveying, Large-Scale Events, School Photography, Landscape Design, Boundary Disputes, Work Place Group Shots, Marketing and PR, TV and film companies, Weddings, Property Developments, Property Maintenance, Construction and many more.

Our system consists of two different masts which makes elevated photography achievable. One is attached to the vehicle and can reach 86ft (26 meters) and the other is slightly shorter and free to move around to those awkward places with no vehicle access. Both masts are raised pneumatically operated, and reach their maximum height in just a few minutes.

We use high quality digital camera equipment made by Canon to deliver the best pictures we can – and all without even getting too close. Our remote-control system allows the ultimate flexibility, and ensures your photographs are exactly how you want them.


What happens on arrival?

We’ll discuss your elevated photography requirements before we come and check them with you when we arrive – just in case anything has changed. Once it’s all confirmed, we’ll start to get set up – van in position and mast elevated.

We’d advise that you, or someone who has a good understanding of what you’re looking for, is present to make sure that every angle is captured just how you want it.

Everything we need is located inside our van, where the system is controlled and images can be viewed, downloaded, edited, printed or burnt to a disc there and then. No waiting around, no hanging about – elevated aerial mast photography from HiCam is quick, easy and simple (and it comes with guaranteed wow factor).

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