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Road Surveying & Accident Black Spots

Highways & Road Departments of Local Authorities – A full and easy-to-see image is instantly available, illustrating clearly all the sight lines, road furniture, junctions and road markings. Often, tiny details which can be overlooked when looking at plans or analysing data become apparent when viewed from an aerial perspective. A portfolio of images helps road planners to consider improvements and alterations to help to reduce accidents at junctions etc.

Insurance Companies – Insurance company Claims Adjusters can easily verify witness statements and instantly get a ‘feel’ for the circumstances of an accident by referring to an aerial view of the site. Where claims are being made against third parties or local authorities, an aerial photograph can be helpful in assisting decisions often made by people not ‘expert’ in the field of accident scene interpretation.

Police Authorities – A set of photographs taken from our 26m. mast can help Police Accident Investigators analyse contributing
factors to repeated accidents at a particular location.


Hicam can quickly provide aerial photographs of both the whole excavation or specific areas. The archaeologist can sit in the comfort of our vehicle and can direct the nature of the photographs to be taken.

We also have our 15m portable mast, which can be detached from the vehicle and carried to remote locations, which may be inaccessible to vehicles.

An important factor is that, unlike normal access systems – scaffolding, mobile scaffold towers etc., we don’t need to touch any part of the site at all so there is no danger of damage to the site or excavation, and we don’t have any of the health & safety issues associated with rope access and scaffolding.

Boundary Disputes

Aerial mast photography by Hicam is such an easy and cost-effective way to help settle boundary disputes.

Boundary disputes can be very lengthy and expensive to settle, especially if they go to court.

In order to resolve a boundary dispute access is normally required to allow a survey to be undertaken of the disputed area. As we all know, one or both parties can be unco-operative and problems and delays can occur when one party refuses to allow access.

With our 26 metre photographic mast system, we are able to take pictures of the area in question from outside the disputed area. For example by parking on a public highway, adjoining land where consent for access is readily available. The photographs we can take also show other landmarks like ditches, fences, hedges etc. which can be significant in defining the lines of a boundary.

If matters do go to court, judges may find a ‘bird’s eye view’ photograph easier to understand than plans.

Road Traffic Accidents

Aerial mast photographs of accident scenes are an invaluable aid to insurance companies when settling claims.

With insurance claims for road accidents , it can be very difficult to decide who is at fault. Statements from eye witnesses and parties involved often give conflicting accounts of events.

Our elevated photographs of an accident site can mean that insurance claims are often settled without the Claims Consultant having to attend the location. Pinnacle Imaging is able to provide aerial photographs of the accident scene and the surrounding area. These provide an overall view of the area i.e.road layout, road markings, objects impairing vision, etc. This all helps to build a picture of what actually happened.

We can work with solicitors, insurance companies and the Police to provide meaningful and valuable, high level photographs of road traffic accident sites using our 26m. photographic mast system.

Our accident scene photography typically illustrates :-
• The relative distances between vehicles and objects
• The position of junctions, street furniture and road markings at the scene • An aerial view of hard-to-see skid marks, impact marks
and tracks made in vegetation which are sometimes impossible to see from the ground
• The relative end position of all vehicles/pedestrians involved

We can also photograph accident reconstructions for court proceedings or insurance claims.

Property Fire Damage

Photographs have been an important part of insurance claims. We can provide vital information of the damage and possible causes of a fire or property damage. Photographic evidence gathered quickly is so important as this evidence can be destroyed by subsequent emergency and reinstatement works.

We can turn up at the scene within a reasonable time frame and quickly take a series of photographs from various locations and heights. All which will be invaluable when negotiating subsequent claims. One photograph is often worth a thousand words and our elevated view photographs will capture vital details which may be missed on subsequent investigation at ground level.

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