Property Surveying & Roof Inspection Photography

Property Surveying

Hicam Elevated Photography allows a cost-effective method of inspecting the external fabric of buildings.

Traditional methods of assessing the condition of the external fabric of buildings range from simple binoculars, through to cherry pickers, rope access and scaffolding. All of these methods have their limitations. Binoculars can’t see areas which are pointing skywards, cherry pickers can’t go up as as far as 26 metres and are expensive to hire. Scaffolding and rope access are expensive and may actually damage the fabric of the building.

Local authorities and building managers have a legal obligation to ensure as far as reasonably possible, that buildings are free from the risk of falling masonary hitting pedestrians or other property. Our 26m. photographic mast system is ideal for this purpose.

Our mast system allows inspections to be made from a distance away from the building, thus avoiding any contact with the building itself.

While sitting in the comfort of our specialised van, the surveyor can see on our monitor exactly what the camera is looking at and zoom in to take detailed photographs.

We can normally undertake a full photohraphic survey of a medium-sized building in a day, depending upon the layout and surrounding site of the building.

Roof Inspections

Roofing companies, estate managers, building surveyors and roof manufacturers will all save a fortune by using HiCam to carry out speedy and cost- effective roof surveys.

Local authorities and building owners have a legal obligation to ensure as far as reasonably possible, that buildings are free from the risk of falling masonry hitting pedestrians or other property.

Roofs are very important parts of buildings but they are often neglected because it’s sometimes difficult to spot problems in the making. It’s often the case that occupants only become aware of a defective roof when water starts to pour through the ceiling or there is a collapse of the building fabric. By carrying out a full photographic survey of a roof, we can identify potential problems before they happen.

We can use our 85 feet (26m) vehicle-mounted mast and our 50 feet (15m) portable telescopic mast to assist roofing companies in providing fast, accurate quotes for roof repairs. Along with your estimate, you can provide photographs of the areas requiring attention to you clients.

Our vehicle-mounted mast can quickly survey round the perimeter of the building, providing detailled photographs of the whole roof. The cost savings using our system against any other method of roof surveying are enormous.

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